2021 Programme

Meetings in person: With regards to Covid, those attending meetings do so as their own risk.  However, please do not attend if you are Covid positive, have a bad cold, or if you have been in contact with anyone who has tested Covid positive in the previous two weeks.

Please note: On-line meetings will be virtual meetings only, not meetings in person. Due to limited Club resources, on-line meetings are mainly confined to Club members only.


Jan 6th

30 hr longcases – differences between Northern ∓ Southern movements – by David Rawlins

The talk will be preceded by a very brief AGM

Meeting held virtually

Feb 3rd

The BHI – At the Core of British Horology, Past, Present & Future – Justin Koullapis

The speaker will be Justin Koullapis, The Technical Editor of The Horological Journal and Board Member of the BHI.

Meeting held virtually

March 3rd

An Early Scottish Maker of Lantern Clocks – Lyndsay McGill

Lyndsay is the Curator, Renaissance and Early Modern History in the Scottish History and Archaeology Department of The National Museum of Scotland and she will present her talk given to BHI Scotland in December 2020. Following her short talk and any questions, there will be a Bring & Discuss session on Lantern Clocks generally.

Meeting held virtually

April 7th

‘The clock auction market – an update’ – Richard Fox

Richard is a freelance independent reporter and writer on sales of watches, clocks and related horological items by leading auction houses. His work includes writing monthly auction report articles for The Horological Journal and for Timepiece (the British Watch & Clock Makers’ Guild’s member publication). He is also a part-time volunteer at the Museum of Timekeeping and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Meeting held virtually

May 5th

‘Precision Clocks & Regulators’ – Colin Fergusson

Colin Fergusson MBHI is the Chairman of the Leicester Branch of the BHI and Assistant Technical Editor of The Horological Journal.became interested in horology.

Meeting held virtually

June 2nd

New recruits and the argument for conservatism in clock repair – Jon Butt

Jon co-authored the recently published book on How to Repair Pendulum Clocks and his talk to the Club on clock repairing will include discussing the merits of a such a book; what’s different about the book; and what’s the book’s underlying philosophy.

Meeting held virtually

July 7th

Clocks from another World – Japanese Clocks 1549-1872 – Ashley

Strachan Ashley started working life as a mechanical design engineer specialising in ultra-high precision engineering. Thereafter, he worked in the world of business management, but he still retained an interest in things mechanical and became interested in horology, including Japanese clocks. He has served on the Board of Directors of the BHI and as Chairman of the BHI Museum Trust.

Meeting held virtually

August 4th

Meeting cancelled due to a technical glitch with the virtual meeting software

Sept 1st

The Art & History of the Painted Grandfather Clock Dial – Hugh Cockwill

Meeting held virtually

October 6th

About Time: A history of civilisation in twelve clocks – David Rooney

David Rooney, formerly lead curator on the Mathematics gallery at the Science Museum, will give us a talk based on his newly published book of the same title. the book reveals why civilisations make clocks and how the story of timing is the story of us.

Meeting held virtually

November 3rd

Meeting in person cancelled due to speaker becoming unavailable on the day

December 1st

AGM (20 minutes only) followed by a meeting

Meeting held virtually