2022 Programme

Meetings in person: With regards to Covid, those attending meetings do so as their own risk.  However, please do not attend if you are Covid positive, have a bad cold, or if you have been in contact with anyone who has tested Covid positive in the previous two weeks.

Please note: On-line meetings will be virtual meetings only, not meetings in person. Due to limited Club resources, on-line meetings are mainly confined to Club members only.


Jan 12th


‘Johan Antel: Revolutionising Time in Early 20th Century Brno’ – James Nye

A recorded lecture first given by James Nye to AHS London in January 2021, shown to Club members on-line only

Feb 2nd


Bring & Discuss

(Arranged as intended speaker cancelled due to Covid)

March 2nd


‘Robert-Houdin’- Françoise Collanges, Brussels

Robert-Houdin (1805–71) was a life-long clockmaker and is widely credited with inventing the mystery clock. He was also a magician and illusionist, widely recognized as the father of the modern style of conjuring. Françoise Collanges is based in Brussels but also works in the UK and in France, specialising in the conservation and care of historical objects. She trained at West Dean College in clock conservation before becoming a freelance conservator. She is also a Council Member of the AHS.

April 6th


‘French carriage clocks and late nineteenth century decorative arts: Artistry in the era of art reform’ – Larry Fabian, New York

We are delighted that Larry Fabian has agreed to give us this talk on-line from his home in New York. His talk concerns the artwork on decorated dials and panels of fine Parisian carriage clocks during the second half of the nineteenth century, including designs drawn from Rococo, Revivalist, Neoclassical, Romantic and Japanese-influenced themes.

May 4th

(in person)

Bring & Discuss: clocks that Club members have a soft spot for, have restored, or have a problem with

June 1st

(in person)

‘The Clarion Clock Company’ – Bill Wolmuth

Clarion had a short life in the 1930s but made what they claimed was the best clock in the World which was somewhat of an exaggeration. Since publication of the book Clockmaking in England & Wales in the Twentieth Century by John Glanville and Bill Wolmuth, further original information has come to light on the company and its clocks and will be presented as part of this talk for the first time.

July 6th

(in person)

‘Charles & Joseph MacDowall and their helical clockwork’ – Angus Bell and Ken Cobb

In this talk, Angus & Ken describe the lives and works of Charles (1790-1872) and Joseph (1805?-1865). After working together in Leeds, the MacDowall brothers moved to London where they continued to produce highly unusual helical geared clockwork.

August 3rd

(in person)

Bring & Discuss: German Clocks

August 31st


‘Horological Postcards’ – Chris McKay

Please note: this talk is a week before the normal date in September. Chris will be talking about horological postcards which he has been collecting for many years. He is an eminent horologist well known for his expertise in turret clocks and for his books and articles on clock care, repair and maintenance.

October 5th

(in person)

‘The Clocks of John Pace of Bury St Edmunds’ – Will Barnard & David Tyler

We are very grateful to our Club members, Will Barnard & David Tyler for agreeing to prepare and give us this talk on the notable clockmaker, John Pace (1783-1867) of Bury St Edmunds. His ingenuity included the patenting of an illuminated night timepiece and creating elaborate skeleton clocks.

November 3rd

(in person)

‘Making and repairing clock hands’ – David Rawlins

We are very grateful to our Club member, David Rawlins, professional horologist, for this talk and demonstration on the making and repairing of clock hands.

December 7th

(in person)

Members’ Evening – AGM (15 minutes only) followed by Christmas Fayre with Bring & Buy

Club members are invited to bring any horological items they wish to sell. There will also be tea, coffee and light Christmas fayre provided. As usual, the AGM will be kept brief.